He Threw A Snowball At Those Clydesdales… How The Horses Reacted Left Me Rolling On The Ground!


You’ve never seen such a funny horse! This video you will want to watch again and again… Clydesdale is a breed of horse that is descended from the working mares of Clydesdale, Flemish and Dutch stallions.

Unlike other sled breeds, these horses have not only exceptional endurance, but also elegant in appearance. Special charm Clydesdale contributed to their reckoning to the Royal breeds. These animals are really great. Marketers decided to show not only the beauty Clydesdale, but their cheerful disposition. Look what came of it.

Well, very positive video! It is a pity that there is so little advertising of this kind on television. Look at Clydesdale is a pleasure, because they have it all: beauty, grace, strength.

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