Tiny Home, Built For 5, Is Deceivingly Big On The Inside—Take A Virtual Tour!


How do you feel about tiny living spaces? I know that they’re not for everyone, but I think if they’re made the right way (and by the right experts) then there is a way to live in a space so small, without feeling claustrophobic and in need of more room. If it’s not your thing, that’s entirely understandable, but there was one family of five that requested a tiny home, and here’s how their story goes.

This family was moving into a new home and needed a temporary spot to live in the meantime. They reached out to a company out in Santa Cruz, CA to see what the builders can come up with—of course, they wanted a comfortable spot to spend the next five months.

I must say that the experts came up with a stellar design and turned a 32ft x 10ft trailer into a very comfortable, and rather spacious, temporary home. One of the best features of this portable home is the fact that it’s versatile.

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