Tiny Horse Race Erupts In Stables, Owners Lose It When Unseen Outsider Sprints Around The Corner


When it was too icy for these miniature horses to go outside, they were resigned to getting their exercise indoors. Luckily for these tiny trotters, they had a mini race course to run around inside their barn and it looks like they had the time of their life!

No matter the weather, it is still important for animals to get the exercise that they need; they need to stretch their legs. So caregiver, Alicia, let the horses out of their stables and allowed them to run wild around the barn. Looking at their energy, it seems like they couldn’t have been happier.

When these tiny horses decided to have a race with the stable dog it was hilarious to say the least, but then someone unexpectedly bolts arounds around the corner.

Accompanied by an eager border collie, they run in circles around the barn, sprinting surprisingly fast for such little legs. As three horses round the corner, another patter of hooves come from behind as Alicia turns with the camera to see a fourth tiny horse flagging behind.

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