Tiny Lamb Gets Inside House


Most people call for their dog, or even their cat, but this hilarious pet owner calls for her little lamb. Unfortunately, the lamb has no idea where the sound is coming from and hilarity ensues.

Thankfully, Mom filmed the whole thing and decided to share it online for the world to see! It’s not everyday that you get to watch an adorable little lamb sprint from one side of the house to the other…

Even though this lamb seems a little out of it, they are incredibly intelligent animals! According to the BBC, sheep (adult lambs) are brilliant animals that can retain memories for a long period of time.

They can even build friendships with fellow creatures, as well as humans. They have distinct personalities and feel sadness whenever one of their friends is taken away from the herd.

A research team from the University of Electronic Science and Technology in China also discovered that sheep can remember up to 50 different faces and can retain those faces for more than two years. The team found out that sheep prefer human smiles to frowns and can differentiate other facial expressions.

So, despite this cute lamb’s confusion, there is a smart brain hidden away in there! Each time Mom calls for her, she runs back and forth from one bedroom to the other.

It’s clear she wants to find Mom but is baffled by where the sound is coming from! Mom can’t help but laugh out loud each time she pounces through the hallway.

Finally, the lamb realizes that Mom is sitting right in the kitchen and comes running! This adorable little creature of God is adorable to watch in action.

Check out this hilarious interaction for yourself in the video below!