Tiny Penguin Finds His Favorite Person


At the Cincinnati zoo named a penguin in honor of David Bowie. He was born three days before the death of a famous musician.

Penguin Bowie was born at 6 o’clock in the morning on January 7, on the eve of the death of David Bowie, who died on 70 years of life on Monday after one and a half years of cancer. Penguin weighed at the birth of 46 grams and was the first replenishment of the Cincinnati zoo, Ohio, in 2016. As reported by the administration at the zoo is a common practice to give the young animals were born, the names of which offer fans of the fauna.

Most were proposals to name the new animals in the name of David Bowie and Elvis Presley. Preference was given to Bowie because of 8 January, he noted 69th birthday. In addition, told reporters the Director of the zoo Thane Maynard, they already have a Royal penguin named Presley.

The name of the famous musician called the little penguin, writes Daily Telegraph. Cincinnati zoo is the largest colony of this species of penguins in the United States. Bowie became the 33rd little penguin. In January and February, the Cincinnati zoo celebrates penguin Days every year.

The habitat of this species is the coast of Antarctica from South America and adjacent Islands, to the North spread to South Georgia, Bouvet and Bellini. Swims to the Falkland Islands. Antarctic penguins are also found on icebergs in Antarctica. The number of individuals is estimated at 6.5—7.5 million pairs.