Today I Learned How To Use Aspirin To Keep My Whites White


Right now, it’s the time to wear white. Wearing white during summer doesn’t absorb the sun like wearing black does, so it naturally keeps your cooler (think of the white houses in Greece that line the shores of the Aegean Sea. They’re not black for a reason!). And while it’s customary to not wear white after Labour Day, now is the time to let those whites shine bright!

However, if you’re anything like me, I tend to ignore silly, outdated rules and wear whatever colour I want whenever. Whether you choose to comply with late 1800s fashion rules or make up your own, one thing is for certain, you surely have white garments hanging around in your closet or folded in your dresser. And because summer does tend to bring those pieces out from hibernation, you want to make sure they’re as bright as can be sans yellowing, stains and a dingy looking appearance! Sure, bleach is a go-to, but here are a few more natural options you can use next time you do a load of whites.