Touching song The Statlers Brothers


Every era has its own distinctive trend of music that eventually defines the era. The music from every era is heavily determined by the happenings of the times. For instance, the 60’s a very iconic era. It had a lot going on. There was the war in Vietnam, and the counterculture Hippie movement that started in San Francisco. The songs of the time were a lot about war and peace. The one shown in the following video was from a few decades ahead of the 60’s, but the message it holds is amazing.

The Statler Borthers Show used to be aired every Saturday night on The Nashville Network. The show used to be one of the most famous shows of the time. The show featured the greatly talented quartet called the Statler brothers. They stepped into the music scene as backup singers for the legendary Country music icon, Johnny Cash. They slowly earned popularity after years of hard work with songs like “The Class Of ’57”, and eventually they got this show going as well.

This video shows them performing their classic, “More Than A Name On The Wall”. This song was released in 1989, and it was on the charts as well, climbing up to number 6 on the US Billboards charts. The song is about a woman who goes to visit the Vietnam Wall. She is a mother who has lose her beloved son at war, and the lyrics really do tug at your heart.

This was dedicated to all the fallen soldiers of the Vietnam War. It was so beautifully done, and even people of today can relate to the classic song.

Check out this amazing performance below: