Tractor Writes Message In The Snow


Prunty Farms waited for the opportune moment to send a farmer out in 10 inches of snow for a special holiday mission. Farmer Dan was the chosen farmer who had one and only one chance to get it right. If he were to pull this off, everyone would be delighted, but one wrong turn in the tractor and there would be no way of starting over.

All the hardworking farmers must have had faith in him as they sent out a drone to film his work in action. This was no easy task for Dan, but he kept his tractor going regardless of the fact that he couldn’t see his work until it was complete.

His mission was filmed beautifully, showing scenes of his tractor driving all directions in the snow. It looked like fun driving in circles and plowing through the fully white snow, but he wasn’t just there for fun. Each turn was planned out with precision.

From a level point of view, it would seem as if he was just being silly, but with the help of the drone, a view from above would show this was anything but silly maneuvering.

His route covered two acres of snow, resulting in a ginormous mission that only the drone could capture. Sending it high in the sky, the farmers waited anxiously for it to come back down to put together their final holiday mission. The results were flawless. Their attempt to spread Christmas cheer worked exactly how they planned, or even better. Be amazed at what incredible thing they pulled off in the video below – you won’t want to miss this.