Trooper Pulls Man Over Only Their Small Talk Takes A Turn When Cop Realizes They’ve Met Before


Life has a way of surprising us in ways we never see coming. Trooper Michael Patterson will be the first to admit that his latest surprise caught him completely off guard. The odds were highly unlikely, but alas you never know what life is going to throw your way. So when Trooper Patterson was patrolling the street and a car caught his eye for a minor traffic violation, he pulled the man over, never anticipating the encounter to change his life.

Driving the vehicle was Matthew Bailly. Trooper Patterson began to write the man up for a minor traffic violation when the two started to talk. Neither one of them expecting to learn so much about each other in such little time. Mr. Bailly was a retired police officer from Piscataway. This immediately piqued Trooper Patterson’s interest since it’s where he was from. Intrigued, Mr. Bailly asked Trooper Patterson where he used to live – and the encounter got even more interesting. Trooper Patterson told him he’d grown up on Poe Place. Almost immediately, the look on Mr. Bailly’s face changed. He said he remembered that street because he’d delivered a baby there 27 years ago as a rookie cop – and he could recall everything about the house from the color, style and even the baby’s name which was Michael.

What happened next was incredible. Trooper Patterson stretched out his hand and replied, “My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me.” Whatever the odds were, it happened. With just four years on the job, Trooper Patterson had managed to by chance pull over the retired cop who helped bring him into this world 27 years ago. Needless to say both were ecstatic about meeting. They exchanged information and agreed to meet again. Trooper Patterson and his mother visited Mr. Bailly and his wife shortly after the encounter and the rest is history. What a beautiful surprise! It’s not every day that these kinds of miracles happen, but when they do cherish them.