Turkey Mom Suddenly Senses Danger Nearby


Most moms have an innate sense of protection for their children and this feeling spans many species. It can be seen quite clearly among many animal mommas in particular.

One mother turkey took full responsibility for the safety of all her chicks, and when she led them out to the road, she was extra cautious. Her motherly instincts kicked into full gear when her baby chicks surrounded her in a place that could be potentially dangerous.

Tara Dodd was able to film this incredible moment and explained how these turkeys have actually been living near her streets for a few years. To her, these turkeys were a common sight, yet what the mother turkey does to protect her chicks will never cease to make an impression.

When Tara took her camera out to film these sweet little chicks, she had no idea what she would end up catching them all do. As they followed their mom out to the streets, it was obvious that they not only followed her, but all of her commands as well.

They were still very young, but they were able to understand and obey her commands. This is one of the common, yet amazing ways of nature.

It’s not only turkeys and chicks which demonstrate these habits, but birds and animals of all kinds. It’s simply built in for a way of survival.

Tara sees the cute chicks follow their mom, and when the mom senses danger up in the sky, she quickly signals them to safety. It was that very moment that had Tara completely stunned.

After the mother turkey’s command to get off the road, it was up to the chicks to step away. Yet Tara witnessed an incredible moment that she couldn’t resist sharing.

Watch as they continue to make a move that will leave you smiling from ear to ear in the video below.