Two Couples Step on Dance Floor, Stun the Crowd with Fabulous Boogie Woogie Routine.


Today, there are many dance pairs around the world. Whether they are successful or not, it will depend on them. ‘A successful dance partnership is like a relationship of good relatives – a sea of patience and a mountain of work,’ psychologists say in one voice. Healthy relationships in a dance couple sometimes take shape from the first step. Why is it so?

Probably, because they are obsessed with a common favorite hobby. So it happened in the pair shown in the video below. Nils Andren has been dancing for about ten years already. During his career, he has often competed in different styles, such as Boogie Woogie, Salsa, Lindy-hop and Swedish bugg.

For many years of the work, he has taken a lot of prizes at contests around the world in Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie. His partner Bianca Locatelli began to dance when she was a little girl and tried many dance styles from ballet to street dancing. Although she most succeeded in the swing, this is her biggest passion.

She has competed internationally for several years and in Italy in the Boogie Woogie, where she won the Italian championship several times in the junior category. They dance together as a couple from 2013 when Bianca officially moved from Italy to Sweden. Not so long ago Bianca received the Euro Star award, which she was awarded for her talent and potential, and also for being an example of the spirit of dance during the European Swing Dance Championship.

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