Two Little Hooves Sticking Out Of A Fence


If someone told you that there was an animal trapped in your fence, you would DEFINITELY not expect to see what these two guys saw. Sure a cat, a dog, even a raccoon would not surprise you but immediately when you notice there are two hooves sticking out of a fence it’s time to grab a camera.

Even though animals who live in the wild are pretty much independent, sometimes when they stray into human territory even they get caught up in a situation where they need a human’s help. Especially if you are a terrified baby moose.

He had tried to jump over the fence gate but didn’t get the needed height. His beautiful brown eyes express just how scared he was, it breaks my heart. Luckily, two good men were completely prepared to free this little fella. Using an ax they split one of the fence boards and the moose was on the loose. I expected him to run off without looking back, but even baby animals know what gratitude means.

The moose didn’t want to go away, he stayed there for a few minutes, looking back at his saviors, sharing the beautiful moment. I bet this special “Thank you” will stick with these guys forever. Thank you so much for setting this beautiful baby free. You’re true heroes.