Two Men In Kilts Pulled Off A Hilarious Prank On The Streets, And It’s Cracking Up Millions


Every culture and nation has its own special attire and outfit that is a part of their identity. The Japanese have kimonos, while the Scottish people have kilts. The kilt is one of the most recognizable attires in the world. It is the traditional dress of Scottish men from the Highlands. It catches our eyes because it looks like a skirt, but is actually worn by men, which is quite unusual. The video given below shows a simple but hilarious prank involving kilts. This is no doubt going to put you to stiches.

You might know about the show called Just for Laughs. It is a Canadian comedy show that has been cracking up viewers ever since it began airing 16 years ago. The show is all about some harmless pranks being pulled on some unsuspecting people.

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