Using A Needle He Shows A Surprising Trick I Never Knew About For Bananas


These six tricks for the kitchen are both useful and fun. Chef Davy Devaux teaches how to accomplish some simple techniques for making things easier.

He begins with a boiled egg, placing it in a jar with some water. After shaking the jar for a few moments, the egg shell practically falls off on its own. The next trick also involves shaking, this time with a bulb of garlic in a jar. After doing that for a little while, he takes out the extra skin, then does it again with the cloves until they are all ready for use. After that he peels a kiwi with a glass, much faster than trying to do it with a knife.

Next he takes a banana and sticks a sewing needle in, then slides it around. He continues this along the length of the banana. He suggests to give this banana to a friend who didn’t see what you were doing so that they can be surprised by the “magic” of the already-sliced banana. Then he takes a paprika or red bell pepper and shows how to easily remove the core and slice it from the bottom to the top, cutting it very efficiently. Finally, he slices around a potato, then boils it, and the peel slides off easily. These interesting kitchen tricks are sure to come in handy at the next meal.