Walmart Clerk Turns To Find Ex-Hubby


Life rarely ever follows a straight line, am I right? There are twists and turns and corkscrews. Some, you can see coming. Others, not really even at all or just a little bit. The breadth and depth of experience come with age and trial and error, and the ability to learn and keep on loving!

Take this couple for example. Their story starts when they were teens, and carries through to this very moment in a Walmart in Arkansas at the age of 75! Who knew they would end up like this?

Louis Demetriades met Renate Stumpf while stationed at a German army base when he was in the military. Things heated up when Renate, who was working in the same base’s kitchen, caught Louis’ attention back in 1959. Both were only 18 years old. They fell in love, got married and moved to the United States to start a family. They had three children.

It was after 12 years of marriage they got a divorce and lost touch, each living their own separate life. They both got remarried and didn’t talk for 43 years. Not even a peep! Until, by the powers that be and the Internet, the two started to chat once again, decades later! Both revealed that they had lost their spouses, and noticed that there may still be a little spark underneath all those years – but Louis had to make sure. With nothing but a sign and a lot of hope, he drove across the country to surprise Renate at Walmart, where she works, to pop the question. Let’s just say, according to Renate, this was the best Valentine’s day ever!

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