War veteran get out of his car, reunites him with his two lost dogs


The animal rescue prisoners program has a “calming effect” on everyone. Since the animal rescue program in correctional facilities was launched in July last year, 43 dogs and 16 cats have been rescued in Maryland (as of July 21, 2015).

The prisoners took care of and trained homeless animals coming from nearby towns and southern Virginia. Most of these animals later found new families. According to Jane Stevenson, many animals spent their entire lives in basements or on a leash, had serious health problems, and were pregnant.

“We are engaged in dogs and cats that have been subjected to extremely cruel treatment or are in a very neglected state, as well as saved from pathological gatherers of animals. These dogs are considered to be non-configurable in shelters, ” says D. Stevenson.

Currently, the rehabilitation under this program are 14 adult dogs and 6 puppies Labradors, whose mother was pregnant, came to the humane Society Washington County. Sometimes animals need to undergo a course of obedience, but most often they just want human attention and care.

The program operates on the principles of volunteerism and donations. Partners of the rehabilitation program is the shelter of the ROC. Allegany in Cumberland, the above-mentioned Organization for the protection of animals OCD. Washington DC and veterinary clinic in Cumberland.