Watch the Incredible Video! Chubby Girl Moves Her Hips to Jason Derulo’s – “Wiggle”


Dancing has always been and remains a universal activity that develops various muscle groups, motor skills, gives smoothness to movements, and also fills the body with health. Regardless of sex, age and physique, you can always dance.

Many people ask themselves who can dance, because this question is especially acute for people who are interested in dancing lessons for the full. Experts respond that this activity is universal for everyone, even if the weight is higher than the accepted norm. There are a number of advantages that distinguish dance lessons for complete: weight loss, since the load occurs evenly on different muscle groups; additional endurance, occupations, as a rule, last from the first hour, so the body trains for endurance; normalization of mental health.

Especially popular are oriental dances for fat people. It is believed that they most clearly reveal the potential of man, and also affect those areas of the body that are responsible for its beauty. In women, according to medical research, the most excess pounds are formed in the hip area, as well as the lower abdomen.

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