Wedding Guests Turn To See The Bride


Not all weddings are cookie cutter and brides love to put their own personal touch on their special day. Some brides-to-be have dreamed of their big day since they were little, but their vision of their wedding day likely has changed as they grew up.

Whether it’s the colors, the flowers, the dress or the theme, brides love to make that day their own. So when Mary Holand Tosse of Norway was mapping out wedding plans with her fiancé Ronny Eidsvik, she had a special idea in mind.

Mary could not wait to spring it on her future hubby and all of the guests at her wedding ceremony. It’s true what they say that not all weddings go as planned.

Mary was about to prove that point with a secret endeavor about to be unveiled before friends and family. The heavy wooden doors are pulled open and as Mary is being escorted down the aisle by her father in a beautifully lit church to a traditional wedding processional song played on the organ, everything comes to a halt.

Mary had hidden behind her back a microphone. She pulls it out and begins serenading her fiancé as she saunters down the aisle, clasping her bouquet of pale yellow roses, her arm draped through her father’s.

Her beaded and rhinestoned bodice glistens in the soft light as her lilting voice belts out “You Raise Me Up,” a song originally composed by the Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden. The song has been recorded by more than 100 artists, including award-winning artist Josh Groban.

It now is a contemporary hymn sung in church services across the United Kingdom. Ronny swallows a lump in his throat, overcome by emotions that are flitting across his face.

He is clearly touched by the beautiful blessing his future wife just bestowed upon him. The guests are quite impressed, too.

The entire church is moved by her loving gesture. From the people up in the loft to the guests down below, everyone is mesmerized by her performance.

Watch the video below to view the incredible scene, and also to see who else joins in on the surprise!