What happens to your body when you eat 2 eggs a day – the results will surprise you


There’s a reason eggs have been a staple of the human diet since ancient times. We all know they’re loaded with protein, but eggs are also rich in a lot of other nutrients that can impact the body in a big way. For many reasons, they’re a food you should always have at home.

Did you know that eggs reduce the risk of heart problems and can improve your memory? Well, if you didn’t, now you do. Read below to see 7 reasons you should always have eggs in your fridge.

1. Eggs reduce heart problems
Eggs contain two important antioxidants: Trypofan and Tyrosin. These help to combat the development of cardiovascular disease, as well as lowering the risk of cancer through enlarging the body’s protective LDL particles.

2. Eggs keep you young
In recent years, many people have used amino acids to keep themselves looking youthful. Eggs are naturally rich in these acids, which help to build and renew cells, so you can remain looking young for longer.

3. Counteracting osteoporosis
Eggs contain a lot of calcium, which strengthens both your skeleton and teeth. They’re also rich in vitamin D, which regulates the calcium levels in your bones and teeth.

4. Building muscle
There’s a reason many body builders consume eggs. They’re a natural, clean source of protein, so if you’re looking to build mass or muscle, eggs are great for your daily diet.

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