When This Rock Star Says THIS About Christianity And Dogs – Everyone Was Completely Shocked


Gene Simmons is not a religious man himself, but he recognizes that everyone should be able to practice their religion openly. As of late, Christians have come under the microscope for vocalizing their beliefs publicly and the famous rocker thinks that needs to stop.

One particular person Gene admires for his open Christian beliefs and bright soul is the former professional football player, Tim Tebow. Tebow is best known for his knock-out college football career at the University of Florida. Tim is a devout Christian and has no qualms about sharing the love of Christ with everyone he meets, both on and off the football field.

Instead of ridiculing Tim, like some media outlets have taken to doing, Gene says we need to support him. Just like we would if someone was a practicing Muslim, Hindu, Catholic or Atheist. Freedom of religion includes every religion, and Christians should be able to practice their faith just as freely as anyone else. So embrace each person you meet as a child of God and try to spread the love and acceptance taught in the Bible, even if you come under fire for it. Combatting fear and hatred with even more fear and hatred will only make matters worse.