White Doe Gives Birth To A Brown Fawn


The doe fawn is born. Cute baby weighs only 6-8 kg, but after half an hour gets on his feet. Mom licks it clean, feeds it with milk, and then leaves one in the bushes or tall grass, because it is still too weak to follow it.

However, it is not far away and several times in a day returns to feed the baby. Before that, she was circling the forest, until you make sure that in its Wake is not a Fox or a wild cat. A week later, the boy and his mother joins the herd – the group of females with cubs. Small white spots on its reddish skin help the fawn to hide from predators.

Among the grass they seem to be bright flowers, and in the Bush, slipping back through the trees the sunlight. Kids in the herd look almost identical and are playing together, but when it comes to feeding time, each female finds the smell of her baby, which is exactly the same finds out his mom.

Children and mothers are distinguished each other by their voices and never removed from each other by a large distance. Spotted coat of a fawn a couple of months during the shedding gives way to reddish-brown as in adult animals. A short tail is surrounded by bright stain – ” mirror.” When a deer runs away, it is clearly visible and helps the deer to follow each other.

From September to December the baby again sheds, acquiring winter wool – thick, long, greyish color. In may next year, it will again be replaced by red summer fur.