White Lion And Tiger Gave Birth To Rare Cubs


If you were looking for something adorable to brighten up your week, you came to the right place! A white lion and white tiger have had babies together and the ‘white ligers’ are so cute you won’t be able to stop gushing over them.

Say hello to Yeti, Odlin, Sampson and Apolo, four of the rarest cats in the world. The babies are white ligers, white lion and tiger hybrids. As four of approximately 1000 of their kind, they are extremely rare. Just like their equally rare parents, Ivory the white lion and Saraswati the white tiger.

Incredibly there are only 300 white lions in the world and 1,200 white tigers, so the babies come from a very special line of animals.

The little family live together at the T.I.G.E.R sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and the family is growing every day… literally. Yeti, Odin, Sampson and Apolo have been gaining a pound in weight every day, so very soon they’ll be fully grown kings of the jungle.

With their uncle Hercules, a fellow liger, weighing 922 pounds, they can expect to grow into massive, magnificent creatures.

Who knows, maybe one of them will take over their uncle’s title as the biggest cat in the world. But for now, we’ll just enjoy their adorableness in their tiny liger baby bodies.

The cubs are playful just like human children and they love swimming and socialising with their handlers and each other. Their individual personalities shine through as Apolo, the smallest of the four, loves affection just like a house cat and curls up with his handlers. Meanwhile, Yeti is the most confident of the cubs, loving to be the centre of attention.

If only the cubs would stay the size they are, they would be the cutest animals on the planet. But with the likelihood that they will reach 10 feet tall by the time they’re two years old, they have big shoes to grow into.

For now, we’ll just admire them in all of their beautiful, cuddly glory!

Aren’t these four cubs the cutest babies around?! We love to hear your thoughts so feel free to leave your comments below.