Woman Bravely Reaches Into Water


While we love to go whale watching, sometimes the whales enjoy to “human watch” as well! That’s exactly what happened during a boat tour off the coast of Mexico and the tourists were shocked by how excited the massive sea creatures were.

Even though most whales would rather avoid ships gliding through their space, this whale and her adorable little calf came right up to the side of the boat for human playtime! The video that was captured of this interaction is absolutely amazing!

According to the American Cetacean Society, gray whales populate the west coast of North and Central America, as well as the upper east coast of Asia. The mothers give birth to one calf roughly every two years and they care for their young while they learn to feed on their own.

Normally this exploration process takes nine months or so – however, some gray whale calves chose to stay with their mothers even after they can fend for themselves. It’s hard to determine how old the calf in the video below is exactly, but it’s safe to assume this calf is still very young and relies on its mother for everything.

That’s why the mother opts to join her calf on a trip to the surface. These whales are curious about the people above the waves and they want to take a closer look for themselves.

With its baby on her back, the mother pushes it above the surface and allows the humans to watch in awe. This type of behavior is pretty rare and it’s something the tourists will want to remember forever.

These gray whales in San Ignacio Lagoon have been known to approach small tourist boats, actively seeking interaction with humans. For the whales’ safety, the boats are not allowed to approach the whales.

But in this lagoon along the Pacific coast of Mexico’s Baja peninsula where hundreds of gray whales migrate annually from their feeding grounds in the Arctic, the whales frolic in the shallow, warm water and give birth to their young.

This beautiful area is the gray whale’s last undisturbed breeding and nursing ground. Because of that, whale watching here is highly regulated and people who cruise through the water are blessedly when the whales approach them.

Take a peek at their heart-pounding footage in the video below. It’s a wonderful encounter!