Woman Enters The Arena


There hasn’t been a movie that captivated our children (and some of us parents) like Disney’s Frozen in a very long time! That’ exactly why Laura Sumrall decided to use the movie’s hit song for her routine at the Kentucky Reining Cup. Laura not only mesmerized the crowd, but she also took home the World Freestyle championship!

Now footage of her routine to “Let It Go” gained attention worldwide – and once you check it out for yourself, you’ll understand why…

Together, Laura and her horse completed a beautiful routine to “Let It Go.” The hit song sold almost 11 million copies in 2014 alone and was certified double platinum in the United States. The song’s success amongst adults and children alike helped it become one of the best-selling singles of all time.

Laura was a student at Texas A&M at the time of this performance and was able to capture the imagination of everyone in the crowd!

Starting off the routine, Laura came riding out in a beautiful cape that was pulled over her face. It was clear there was an air of mystery surrounding what was about to happen next. Laura carefully removed the cape to reveal a sparkling blue gown that resembled Elsa’s dress from the movie Frozen.

From there, the routine only got better – Laura and her horse trotted, galloped and performed tricks in front of the eager audience and judges! Anyone watching in person or online could tell she and her horse have a connection with each other – what a fun performance!

As the song went on, Laura showed off her incredible control of her trusty steed and her comfort riding while wearing a long, flowing dress! This was not a simple feat but Laura made it looks as easy as pie!

The moment she wrapped up the performance, the audience and judges erupted with applause. They had never seen a performance quite like this and they knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing! If Laura can perform a routine like this with a full costume and take home the gold, there’s no telling what magic her future holds!

Hopefully, she keeps perfecting her skill and working together with her sweet horse. The future is definitely bright for Laura!

Take a peek for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below!