Woman Is Repeatedly Stopped By Same Cop


Playing the role of the bad guy in “cops and robbers” was fun when we were kids and it was all just make believe. However, being treated like a criminal in real life is definitely not fun and games!

The poor woman in this video clip found herself at the mercy of one policeman in particular, who kept “harassing” her and flashing his police cruiser’s lights every time he saw her car. Not surprisingly, she’d finally had enough of getting pulled over and whipped out her camera to record proof.

As soon as she started filming the incident, you could tell that something interesting was about to go down. With exasperation in her voice, she said, “Well ya’ll, I just got pulled over.”

Her video footage started out exactly like all the other cops caught on camera footage does. It was a tense encounter between the innocent citizen and law enforcement. How would it go down?

Were we about to witness a good cop gone bad showdown? Well, the truth was about to be revealed, and it’s not the ending you’d expect! You really won’t believe how this ends!

The mischievous glint in her eye and the sly smirk on her face gave away the fact that this woman knew exactly why she kept getting pulled over by the same man. After the woman rolled down her window, the burly police officer asked for the usual license and registration.

But, she refused to give him her personal details and instead she told the officer what she really thought about him! We were blown away by their exchange! It’s just crazy!

Everyone is stunned by how the officer reacts to her attitude. In fact, her footage has been viewed more than two million times! Even the comments left by YouTube viewers is shocking.

Watch the video below to see the surprise twist at the end. She’s right, cops will pull you over for anything!