Woman Nearly Touched This Creature


This is a very dangerous creature walked directly into the Playground. Externally poisonous caterpillar looks very nice, even cute.

It is hard to believe that contact with this caterpillar can lead to burns, and even to death. And there were children playing in the same Playground.

For a long time, it was thought that in contact with some species of caterpillars in humans may appear only a slight irritation on the body. However, after the Lonomia Obliqua caterpillar was discovered, it became clear that certain species of these creatures could cause much more harm to humans.

Poison living in South America Lonomia Obliqua takes the lives of several people every year. This is because the caterpillar has a very strong poison that causes massive internal bleeding in the human body.

If a person touches Lonomia Obliqua, the poison will instantly get into his bloodstream through the hollow thin spikes that cover the caterpillar’s body.

After that, a number of inflammatory processes occur in the human body: headache, fever, vomiting and General malaise. Then, after 24 hours, internal bleeding begins, often including intracranial hemorrhage. In many cases, poisonings with Lonomia Obliqua resulted in death.