Woman notices chilling detail on teenage girls’ plane tickets


The girls did not imagine that they could wait for the plane to land. According to investigators, women were preparing for the crime in advance, they found a buyer in the social network. However, as it is specified on the website, they didn’t manage to carry out the plan as suspects were detained.

Wake up once locked up, in the basement or someone else’s house, without documents and the phone, without rights and opportunities to escape on freedom — this a ghastly dream any civilized rights. Meanwhile, in the twenty-first century slavery did not disappear — it acquires every year more and more frightening and wild swing.

According to the UN, the total number of slaves on Earth reaches 21 million people. Imagine: the population of two Belgians-powerless slaves! Slavery is flourishing today in 124 countries, including the States of “enlightened Europe”.

The majority of prostitutes working under duress in Europe are girls from the European East: Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, as well as from Ukraine. Natives of these countries often go into the sex industry and on a voluntary basis, but those who initially dreamed only of a good life without trading themselves are also easy to lure.