Woman Releases 1,500 Ladybugs Inside House During Gift Exchange And Stuns Her Entire Family


Many people believe ladybugs bring good luck, and six-time cancer survivor Cathy Walters is one of them. She’s been known to release the cute critters in her house or garden.

Cathy recently invited her family over for a Christmas gift exchange in New Boston, Michigan. Prior to the celebration, Cathy learned her blood levels were higher than normal, and she worried her cancer would return for the seventh time.

After hearing about her test results, Cathy’s brother bought her 1,500 ladybugs.

Michigan winters are so cold, the bugs would have died immediately had they been released outside, so Cathy placed them safely in the refrigerator. She didn’t want them to die outside, but she also didn’t want to keep them in the fridge for too long, either.

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