Woman Shot At Vegas Massacre Has Reunion With Man Who Saved Her


A Las Vegas bartender who saved a woman shot in the stomach at Las Vegas’ mass shooting had a tear-filled reunion with her at hospital.

Justin Uhart was bartending at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival when he heard the shots ring out and ran toward the stage hoping to find the source, but once he realized the shooter
was not in the crowd, he shouted for people to run. He saw two people die as he and others ran for cover.

Meanwhile, Canadians Jan Lambourne had been enjoying the music when she heard the gunfire, but initially thought it was fireworks. Seconds later she collapsed, shot in the abdomen with her pelvis shattered. Her friend was shot in the arm and the two became separated as people fled to safety.

Lambourne was hiding inside a merchandise tent when Uhart found her crying for help. He told CBC News there was no way he could leave her behind.

“I just saw the blood and…I just had to stop and help her, and try to get her some help, any way I could,” the 26-year-old said. “She was screaming for help. She was in a lot, a lot of pain. I did what I could.”

He did more than that, running to find people to help lift her to safety and an ambulance. He then stayed with her throughout the ambulance ride and until she went into surgery, talking with her to keep her distracted from the pain. He also called her family to let them know what happened.

He got a chance to check in with Lambourne again a few days later when he visited her in hospital and met her family. Cameras were there for their emotional reunion as the two gave each other a hug.

Lambourne said “thank you” to Lambourne, crediting him with saving her life.