Woman Takes A Ticket


Police officers have to deal with numerous issues every day for the greater good of the community, but they rarely get the credit that they deserve for their service. When comedian Jennifer Jermany was pulled over by a cop recently, she took the opportunity to thank the fine police man for all that he does… including being easy on the eye.

A lot of people would become irate when pulled over by a police officer and complain about the inconvenience, sometimes maybe even being abusive to the police officer. But Jennifer Jermany did exactly the opposite and her friend, fellow comedian Brandy Adams captured the encounter on camera.

You are the hottest cop I’ve ever been pulled over by… and you were so respectful and so nice. You came over, you communicated what you needed — and then you were hot. See if the police department hired more hot police officers, we wouldn’t have violence anymore, ‘cos all you would do is what you did, just walk over and say ‘Hey, let me see your driver’s license and ID,’ and do that smile right there…

The modest cop thanks Jennifer for her compliment with a “Well I appreciate that. It was very nice meeting you.” He then goes on his way to do more good for the community. Jennifer certainly appreciated the police officer and all he does, and apparently contacted the handsome cop’s wife to congratulate her on finding such a catch.

The internet also appreciated Jennifer’s appraisal and the hot cop himself as they took to social media to post their thoughts on the funny exchange.

While it’s probably not the type of thanks he was expecting, I’m sure it still meant a lot to him as he went about the rest of his day knowing that he made somebody else’s day that bit better. What a pleasantly unlikely outcome from pulling somebody over at the side of the road!

Do you think our servicemen and women deserve more kind words from the strangers they try to protect? We love to hear your thoughts, so please leave your opinions in the comments below.