Woman Takes Lost Dog To Kill Shelter


There are lots of lost and abandoned dogs in the world. Millions of them get thrown out onto the streets every single year. These poor dogs don’t have a place to call home, they don’t have access to food and water, and they don’t experience the love that they deserve. Rescue organizations have been working hard for their welfare, but sadly, many of these dogs lose their lives before they can even get out of the streets.

Also, just because an animal gets rescued off the streets, it doesn’t mean they are in safe hands. The shelters most of them end up in are usually high kill shelters. If these poor dogs don’t get adopted on time, they are put down mercilessly.

The video below revolves around this issue. It starts with a woman who finds a lost dog and takes him to what looks like an animal shelter. She is asked to wait for a while. But seconds later, things take a crazy turn and something unbelievable happens.

The whole thing was set up by French YouTube personality, Remi Gaillard, the man “working” at the front desk in the beginning. The clip is called “Animal Planet” and it was created in order to send a message every one of us. The video urges humans to put more thought and care into the way we treat animals, especially when we contemplate surrender or abandonment. Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section!