Woman Walks Past Homeless Man Every Day, One Day He Hands Her A Piece Of Paper Revealing His Identity


For 35 years, Raimundo Arrudo Sobrihno has been living on the streets. To keep himself sane, he tried to write poems and short stories to try and make him feel better even though nobody would ever read them.

Each and every day, Raimundo would write another poem or story. Like many authors and poets, Raimundo hoped that one day his words would be published and inspire others. But would anybody take a chance on a homeless author? Probably not.

The homeless poet dreamed of having people read his work
Raimundo is a 77-year-old man who’s lived on the Brazillian streets for far too long. Born in the countryside, Raimundo moved to São Paulo when he was 23 where he worked as a book dealer and gardener.

Raimundo became homeless during the military dictatorship that rattled the country in the late 70’s. 35 years Raimundo has lived on the streets! But he never wanted to lose his passion for poetry.

Locals had no idea why Raimundo would hold on so tightly to the scruffy pieces of paper he kept by him. They had no idea they were filled with poetry and passionate stories.

But this was all about to change, back in 2011, Raimundo’s life was eternally changed when he met a woman called Shalla.

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