Wonderful Elderly Ladies Show Awesome Hip Hop Moves. Watch And Enjoy!


Hip-hop in many people be associated with aggression, the culture of “streets”, even with hooliganism. If you share this opinion, then you do not understand what hip-hop is. And we will try our best to discredit stereotypes about this dance. Hip-hop today is one of the most popular dances. The love of hip-hop unites many people of different ages.

It is a dynamic, rhythmic dance, often with the use of acrobatic elements, requiring good physical preparation. If you imagine hip-hop as “dancing on the floor”, then this is also incorrect. Break-dance is just one of the directions of hip-hop, and if the dancer does not want to, then he will not be able to rotate on his head and jump on his hands.

Hip-hop provides a lot of means for self-expression and a lot of movements. Unfortunately, because of the stereotype of this dance, many imagine only a small part of them. But why does everyone think that this dance is only for young people and children, but that’s not true.

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