Wonderful Elderly Ladies Show Awesome Hip Hop Moves. Watch And Enjoy!


A big surprise for me and you are that even the old people are engaged in Hip Hop. And the proof of this is our video, which will amaze you. The Hip Operation Crew is the world’s most established move gathering (Guinness World Records).

They are the present world title holders. The move team consists of seven senior residents matured 73 to 97 years of age. The normal age is 81 and there are two men and five ladies in the group. One part is lawfully visually impaired and mostly hard of hearing, one part utilizes a portability help, one part is significantly hard of hearing, two individuals have had real heart surgery, one part has kidney sickness, numerous have manufactured knees and hips, there is a hitched couple in the gathering (matured 84 and 86 years of age) and all individuals have joint pain.

The gathering is overseen by 48 year old Billie Jordan who established the gathering in the wake of being harmed in New Zealand’s most noticeably awful cataclysmic event — the Christchurch Earthquake on 22nd February 2011.

She is additionally the gathering’s choreographer, move educator, marketing specialist, advertiser, occasion supervisor, transporter and companion. All her opportunity is deliberate. Watch the video below!