World’s highest bridge is completely made of glass


We urge those who are afraid of heights to think twice before clicking on this video, as this is the sort of bridge that will definitely give you quite the bad case of heebie jeebies. This astonishing bridge is located in China (Zhangjiajie to be perfectly exact), as they wish to check the longest and tallest bridge on the planet that also comes with a glass bottom.

This is one of the most mind blowing structures to exist on this planet and it has shattered a number of global records in the process. China has already claimed a sizable percentages of the current world records and this bridge only serves to add to their impressive list of achievements. There are also no shortage of incredibly shocking statistics associated with this bridge. Would you have the necessary bravery to cross it?

The bridge is located nearly 1,000 off the ground and is over 1,100 feet long. While this is not the type of excursion that most would consider to be lighthearted, the views that this bridge has to offer are second to none. Haim Dotan, an Israeli architect, is the man responsible for this bridge’s unique design and for the incredibly low price of just $20 US dollars, you can have the chance to check it out for yourself.

This is the sort of experience that you will not soon forget and for a wide range of tourists, this bridge is something to add to their bucket lists. The bridge serves as a means of connecting two different mountain cliffs in the Avatars and while there are many who will find themselves questioning the safety of this structure, it was constructed with the needs of various tourists in mind.

Four massive pillars stand at the canyon walls to offer support and each of the 99 glass panels is reinforced with three separate layers of heavy duty glass. If one of the layers was to experience damages, the others would hold with no problems. The bridge can hold 800 visitors at a time and is even able to withstand the brute force of being smashed with an enormous sledgehammer.

This bridge now receives over 80,000 visitors each day, shattering the initial projections of 8,000 daily visitors. Before you book your trip to China to find out more about this feat of modern engineering, watch this video and decide if you have the guts to go through with it!