You may not know the artist who sings


I remember hearing his music in the movie “Meet Joe black”, the song is so popular that there are very often feature films, the song is called”Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Also this song is one of my favorite movies, “50 first dates”. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Over the Rainbow was written specifically for the film.

The author of the words was Edgar Harburg, and the music was composed by Harold Arlen. Harburg later said that the first sketches of the text were born to him when he was sitting in the car in front of the pharmacy. Dorothy, the protagonist of the “Wizard of Oz” sings it, dreaming to escape from the boring life on a farm in Kansas.

Some also find political subtext in the words Over the Rainbow. Allegedly Harburg expressed in the song hope that the Americans will be able to overcome The great depression. Now Over the Rainbow is called a classical ballad. She has received numerous awards and is included in a huge number of different lists of the best songs. American film Institute put Over the Rainbow in the first place ranking of the hundred best songs written for movies.

She also tops the list of century songs by the American recording Association. In the glorious history of the song Over the Rainbow was a lot of covers. It is sung by the singers and bands working in various genres. It is enough to remember Eva Cassidy, Kylie Minogue, and Jerry Lee Lewis.