Zebra Shark Swims Up To Diver To Stop Him Working, It Quickly Becomes Clear What He Wants


Working in an aquarium can have its downsides, but it also has its perks. For one diver, getting to swim with fish is great fun, but having to clean the tanks can be a bit more tedious. That is until one diver found himself making friends with an unlikely creature – by hugging a shark!

Yes, you heard that correctly, this diver ended up hugging a shark while he was in the middle of his cleaning duties. Nobody would have thought this was real if it weren’t for the video evidence.

A diver hugging a shark has gone viral for being the cutest thing on the internet This adorable and overly cuddly zebra shark can’t get enough of his new underwater buddy. I can’t help but feel like I’d be quite nervous as the diver, but he seems over the moon to spend some quality time with this jolly shark.

Sure, he was hard at work, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t stop to pet and cuddle this underwater good boy.

Honestly, this creature has been creating quite a stir. People are fascinated by its jolly nature. To be honest, I would love one as a pet, it’s just a shame it has to live in the water, it looks like a great cuddle buddy.

In fact, people on the internet also seem fascinated by this zebra shark and the diver’s loving interaction. Come on then, who wants to chip in with me and get a zebra shark? It’d make a great bathtime buddy.