Zoo Tiger Shows Priceless Reaction When Meets Pregnant Woman. Have a Look.


Animals do not know how to speak, but they understand a lot, and they feel what a person is often not in control. This touching story confirms this. Mom ‘in position’ received more than planned from her trip to the zoo. Immediately after she entered the exhibition, a huge Bengal tiger came up to her and did something unimaginable!

Natalia Ruki, along with her brother Brittany, visited the zoo. A pregnant woman sat down to relax in the zoo next to the cage with the tiger. Instead of ignoring Natasha as other visitors, he approached her. And almost immediately she noticed the animal’s close attention to her. Scented the prey? We do not think so.

The tiger’s reaction was very warm, the tiger showed kindness all the way and tried to press against the girl through the glass. While in a state of shock, Natasha turned to her friends and said: ‘I do not know whether to laugh or be afraid.’ The brother accompanying the girl asked her to turn the belly to the glass. And then something amazing happened!

With a touching muzzle, the tiger pressed against her stomach. He felt the child, without any doubt! The guys were amazed, and Brittany sent the video to the social network. ‘We went to the event to the zoo, and see – this beautiful tiger knew that my cousin Natasha Ruki was pregnant! Tiger pressed to the child! It was such a terrific moment! ‘According to scientists, animals have a heightened sense when it comes to human pregnancy.

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