Zookeeper Frees Elephant After 22 Years


Elephant Jenny and 20-year-old elephant Shirley met in the circus, writes We Love Animals. They have long been friends before they were divided into 22 years. The animals reunited at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, and it was amazing! For a real friendship, as for love, there are no barriers.

It is able to withstand any difficulties and distances. Regardless of, between people this friendship or same between animals. Two elephants, Shirley and Jenny, met more than 20 years ago. Shirley was 20 years old at the time and she spent her whole life working for the circus.

In the same circus appeared and very young Jenny. Shirley took her under her wing and they became real friends. But after half a year they were separated… No one knew what was going to happen. Two elephants could not recognize each other or lose their affection for all these years. But their connection was stronger than anyone could expect!

At first they didn’t recognize each other. But when they came up and looked each other in the eye, everything changed. When Shirley gently touched Jenny’s face burst into a roar of joy. The moment of the reunion was incredible! Six years later, Jenny passed away due to illness, but was able to spend the last years with her best friend.