Zookeepers build snowman inside panda’s home, weren’t expecting to catch such a precious response


Different individuals love different things. Some of us love summer time, while some of us are big fans of the cold. One of these beings is Da Mao. This giant panda lives at the Toronto Zoo, where temperatures can drop really low. However, Da Mao loves it! He enjoys playing outside in the snow, so one day, the zoo decided to treat him to a special surprise. They made a snowman for him! The members at the zoo wanted to look at his reaction, and they were glad they brought the camera along for the occasion!

When Da Mao discovered the snowman, he just couldn’t contain his curiosity. He swatted at it, sat down, and then started actively pawing it. The panda even tried to nibble! Then he rolled back and began goofing around. What he does next is going to crack you up for sure!

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