15 Photos That Prove Cats Are Basically Made Of Liquid


“Oh, we think the cat is broken” – this phrase, probably, sooner or later, says every owner of a furry predator. Incredible tricks and racks that would envy the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics – it’s about our Pets.

But, fortunately, most cat poses still amenable to classification and even develops into a kind of sign language! So, what do they say of the posture in which the sleeping cat? This is the most common pose for sleeping with cats. It means that the pet feels calm and safe. The ball helps to minimize heat loss, and sleep like that cats are usually very comfortable.

However, if you previously did not notice that your pet loved to sleep curled up in a ball, and now and then see him in this position, it is necessary to pay more attention to the pet and check his health.

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