Adorable clumsy cat nearly ruins Christmas


What is your favorite cat character? Well, we warn you that it is going to be soon replaced with this viral cat from Mog’s Christmas Calamity!

Meet Mog, a brilliantly clumsy cat who just turns everything she touches into a disaster! Most of us cat lovers have rarely ever seen a clumsy cat, right? That is why Mog has touched so many people all over the world!

Perhaps that’s why Mog’s debut ad turned viral in its first week of release! That too, with a million and more followers already! So why is Mog so special?

Mog was created by the imaginations of one of the most favorite children’s writer- Judith Kerr. So, get ready for the best roller-coaster ride to watch the endless string of hilarious chaos that Mog gifts her family on Christmas Eve!

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