Camera Caught A Cat Doing THIS To A Baby Rabbit


We have seen lots of strange but amazing animal relationships on the internet before. I am sure you remember a few of them quite clearly. Whether it is a combo of dogs or cats, or cats or birds, or horses and goats, all of them somehow manage to steal your heart away. The video below features one of these unusual friendships. You may never have heard of this unusual pair before!

Cats are considered to be aloof and detached creatures. But they do have strong maternal feelings, despite what many people seem to think. Just take a look at this adorable mama cat in the video below! She recently gave birth to her kittens, but she still has a lot of love to share.

She came across an orphaned baby bunny, and the adorable thing couldn’t stop herself from taking care of it! How cute is that? This cat’s name is Snaggle Puss and she is an excellent mom. She carries the bunny from the couch to her bed where her kittens are, just like he’s a kitten too. She grabs him by the scruff of his neck to carry him. It’s so cute.

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