Cat Entered The Room


Having a pet in the house is always a wonderful experience. They provide this warm companionship that just can’t be compared to anything else in the world. When you’re tried after a long day, a cuddle with them can cheer you right up. They can also surprise you in the most incredible ways. The following video shows something that caught one family totally off their guard!

This family had set up a little cat door for their kitty. We all know just how temperamental cats can be, and how much they demand going out only to come back in again. The kitty was happy to use the door flap.

But one day, he happened to also bring along a very unlikely companions. Cats are known to be not as social and friendly as dogs, so this was certainly a huge surprise to his unsuspecting family.

It was fortunate that they had the camera rolling at the right time. Their cat had just entered through the door, and soon after he came in, his surprise visitor followed him too! A tiny baby deer came into the house, and didn’t look too surprised either. The cat must have befriended the little guy on his visits outdoors, and they must have become chummy enough to even visit each other’s homes!