Cat has its eyes on the water, and the camera captures the most perfect moment


Cats and water are never a good mix. Or are they? This little cat sits by the water with a very specific goal in mind, as you can see in the video below.

First, for context, this furball is in Istanbul, Turkey. Cats are seen a bit differently there. As The Economist says, they are beloved strays who are well taken care of by their community. Dogs enjoy the same benefits — they sleep on patios, and people make shelters for them in the winter and leave out food.

But what’s this little guy doing?

Cats don’t just rely on human kindness for their food. They’re also great hunters — and this guy is catching his dinner!

You can see here that he’s tensed up — it’s because he sees his target and he’s waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Kitty snags his prize, then trots off to enjoy his dinner in peace.

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