Cat Who Loves Going To Classes Every Day Got Special Surprise


The cat was a welcome guest even among teachers. Cat Bubba spends all his time at two schools and has its own page on Facebook. Bubba’s been living in California for six years. However, for some unknown reason, cat owners can not train an animal to your home life.

Over time, they have come to terms with the fact that the furry fugitive does not like to sleep on the couch all day and constantly goes to the Higher school Leland or Bret Garth High school, writes the with reference on the news. Scientists Bubba also fell in love and they started letting him into the classrooms of educational institutions.

Since the cat was a welcome guest even among teachers who sometimes fed him. Four-legged is not afraid of people — he loves to lay in the middle of a football field or huddle of people waiting for his caress.

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