Cat Makes Friends With Owl And They Play Together All Day Long!


Owl and cat play as best friends! Videos with them on YouTube has garnered almost half a million views. In the video, amazing footage – the usual black cat and owl species of barn owl are playing on the grass in a wooded area. Couple undoubtedly enjoying each other’s company.

Every time an owl sits on the ground, the cat comes up to it and rubs against it. It is usually considered that animals can be friends if they grew up together since childhood, or go hunting together. But then it is unclear why these two are so friendly. And the leader in their relationship is an owl. She even gets a little bite the cat when she starts to play too excitedly. The origin of the video is unclear, but most likely it is from Spain, as seen from the inscriptions on the video. Maybe the bird made friends with a four-legged predator against the background of a common love for mice.

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