Cat Mom Hears Orphaned Kittens Cry


A rescue mama cat with four kittens of her own took in five tiny orphaned babies who were meowing for love.

As soon as she heard one cry, she came running to them.

“Today my foster cat showed us her awesomeness! She has 4 kittens that are 7 days old. I got a call from Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC)that they had 5 orphan kittens of similar age,” Kim Teschan said.

“I brought them home to see if she would adopt them. As soon as she heard one cry she came running. She is now the proud momma of 9 kittens.”

Mama cat is very loving and caring to all of her fur babies. The five orphans are smaller in size and their new mama is working diligently to make sure every kitten gets to eat and is clean.

Kim received kitten replacement milk from MADACC, so she could help the momma feed her babies. “I started supplementing this morning. After 3 supplemental feeding, I think they are doing better.”

Meanwhile, the foster family is doing everything they can to keep mama strong and healthy by giving her as much food as she can pack away. “I have a heating pad on warm and the room at a warm temperature to help conserve energy.”