A Cat’s Reaction to When His Human Comes Home is Too Cute


The kitten jumps on the spot. So it shows the owner of their joy. The network won video with a little kitten who really enjoys the return of the master. Animal joy jumps on his hind legs, when through the door he notices his master. When a man begins to beat with your fingers on the glass, the kitten jumps up on his hind legs and funny looking around.

Their love they show in two ways: when rubbing your head on your leg (or the leg of a chair on which you sit) or licking you. Both of these behaviors are typical for cats communicate with each other — and not because they are trying to lure. Don’t forget, however, that cats are territorial animals, and the place where they live is more important than the people with whom they live.

“A legacy of their wild ancestors” — explains the scientist. The ancestor of the modern domestic cat, steppe cat, led mainly nocturnal. Domestic cats have changed their “sleeping habits”, but in General they live on a schedule 24/7, unlike people, says Bradshaw. They prefer to NAP a little during the day instead of sleeping long hours.

“Of course, they are awake in the most interesting time of the day or night,” adds the scientist. So, if your cat sleeps in a chair when you go and in the morning you find him in the same spot in the same position, it does not mean that he is a heavy sleeper: most likely, the night had such an adventure, which you might not imagine.