Cat Sneaks Into Neighbor’s Home Then Comes Back With Letter Attached To Her


Many cats like to wander and some do so with great purpose. Nala, a gentle, curious cat, surprised her owner one day when she came home with a note that revealed her double life.

Nala is a loving cat who enjoys the mischief and intrigue that comes from exploring the neighborhood she lives in. Yet, while her owner probably thought Nala was just roaming around her usual territory, the orange cat was actually up to more than what was ever realized.

Not too far away from Nala’s home, neighbors were grieving the loss of their 21-year-old cat who had passed away earlier that year. There was surely an emptiness without their adoring cat around anymore, and they needed someone or something to cheer their hearts.

While Nala traveled through the neighborhood, she started showing up at the neighbor’s back door. Almost as if she sensed that her gentle presence was needed.

Nala’s neighbors were incredibly grateful that this loving cat had chosen to show up at their house; yet, they had no idea who Nala belonged to. They wanted to do something to tell Nala’s rightful owner about the joy this adorable cat was bringing to their home. So, they decided to write a heartfelt note.

Reddit user goldenstate30 shared the story of his girlfriend’s cat coming home with this surprising note attached to Nala’s collar. The note read:

“I don’t know who this cat belongs to, but she comes visits every few weeks. She’ll meow outside our back door until we let her in; she wounds herself around our legs, walks around the house like it’s hers; waits @ the fridge until my husband or I feed her baloney. She doesn’t like soft cat food very much! We look forward to her visits. We lost our 21 year old cat this yr.”

Nala is loved by all who know her. Who wouldn’t love a fluffy orange cat with a gentle nature towards all human friends?

Cats are the only pets we allow to roam freely. However, where they go and what they do is probably something we’ll never really know. With all of her wandering, Nala surely brought comfort to one particular couple during a time of need.